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Attractor helps product teams improve conversion and retention rates with automated actionable,
no-digging user insights

Analytics Insights:

Data integrations

Connect your data in seconds without coding

Reveal how alternative user journeys affect conversion rates and immediately improve core KPI's like revenue and engagement
Some opportunities are at micro-scale. Discover UX bottlenecks with our events and properties correlation algos
Our algorithms quickly spot key differences in stats of different releases
Product Journeys Discovery
Micro-improvements engine
New Release Compare

Reduce time-to-insights by 85%

Discover which user actions contribute to higher retention rates and common reasons for churn
Discover growth opportunities in micro-segments that will increase ROI, Retention and Engagement. Spot outliers in alternative journeys that correlate with conversion.

How It Works

Insights are generated daily and then handed-off to product teams for further testing and validation. Giving you automated data science through Attractor AI's proprietary algorithms.

Stream insights through Attractor's Bot