Service for analytics design software #1
Have you ever written a developer specification for analytics setup? It's easy if you set up a few events. However, what if you need 50 or 100 events for analytics systems (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment) and different platforms (Web, iOS, Android)? It takes a few hours minimum.
What do you think, if I say, that you can create a tracking spec for Web, iOS, Android, for five systems: Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment, mParticle, Amplitude in few minutes? Also, you can pick pre-curated events from the library and add any custom events you want manually. As a result, you have a Google Spreadsheet with events and properties, code snippets, descriptions. Cool?
We proudly present our new service - Attractor Start.

"Start" — is a service that helps you design an analytics tracking plan converted into technical specs for developers. Engineers copy code snippets, insert variables and place them in the right place. Also, QA and developer can mark what already done and tested.
How to create a solid tracking plan?

Go to and click 'Create Tracking Plan'
Sign up, if you aren't registered - Click 'Create Free Plan' button
There is a small questionnaire about your product and platforms/systems you want to use. Click 'Next' after filling.
The magic starts here!

You should pick pre-curated analytics blocks that match your product. For an online store that is E-commerce, Checkout, Cart, Registration / Auth blocks, and maybe a few Custom events.
Click 'Next' and pick events you want to add to specification. Also, you can add custom events and properties here.
To pick an event, you should click on the checkbox with the event name.
You can change event description for yourself and developers, add/remove/update properties.
To add custom events, you should pick Custom Block on Step 2 and click 'Add Event', add the event name, description, and properties.

In the end - click 'Generate Tracking Plan!'
You get your link!

In the spreadsheet, you have all the events you described on different sheets for Web, iOS and Android Developers. In sheet one line - one event. Just enough. For each system, you have a column to mark/comment if the event is implemented, tested.
Get data-driven without the hustle