Announcing Attractor and Segment integration
We are excited to announce that Attractor is now integrated with Segment! This opens up new possibilities to our existing clients that use Segment and also brings our product to a completely new market.
What is Segment?
Segment is a platform that helps you collect, standardize and route data to your existing tools like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Redshift and many more. It helps you simplify data collection with a single API and send it to all your destinations.
What can you achieve with this integration?
With Attractor now added as a destination to Segment's ecosystem, you can enable behavioral insight generation for your product from the data that Segment is continuously providing.
Product Journeys Discovery
Reveal how alternative user journeys effect conversion rates and immediately improve core KPI's like revenue and engagement.
Micro-improvements engine
Some opportunities are at micro-scale. Discover UX bottlenecks with our events and properties correlation algos
New Release Compare
Our algorithms quickly spot key differences in stats of different releases.
Discover which user actions contribute to higher retention rates and common reasons for churn.
Get Started
Getting your Attractor integration up and running is just a matter of few seconds. Just head over to your segment account and find Attractor in the destinations catalog. You can read more in detail about this integration here.