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Alex Furtak
Sasha Nychyporchuk
Vlad Hrytsenko
We are Attractor AI
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Taras Pavlenko
Ruslan Grischenko
Our mission is to build products that assist humans in making better decisions.
Through Attractor, we interpret digital behavior that's fluid, in constant motion, people get in, engage, convert, leave and return. Attractor's algorithms identify trends, behavioral micro segments, outliers and anomalies within product analytics, and push these insights to a dashboard or Slack channel. This gives product owners actionable insights to improve conversion rates.
Humans are good at planning and making decisions in complex situations but struggle with processing large quantities of data. Computers are the opposite; they excel in processing large amounts of data but struggle to make basic judgements are easy for humans. Humans and computers are complements, each are strong where the other is weak
Zero to One, Peter Thiel